Digital onboarding

Streamline and fully automated self-service onboarding process for your customers journey.

Digital onboarding
The Preventor biometric authentication framework offers high-performance, field-proven face and video liveness detection, and voice recognition.

Risk-based workflow builder

Boost your digital onboarding and automate your processes with a profitable strategy. No more in-house development or complicated integrations with multiple third-party integrations or APIs, just an integration that fits your business needs.

At Preventor, we help your business fully automate and streamline digital onboarding processes with a simple, fast, and customer-centric approach. You can build unlimited workflows according to your business process.

Customize your processes

Customize your processesCustomize your processes
Integrated e-forms

Integrated e-forms

Improve your users' onboarding experience by fully automating the process and guiding them to success.

The electronic forms can be customized in various templates to collect all the information you need to complete an effective onboarding process according to your business workflows.

Integrated with Know Your Customer templates to automate customer approval as well as the self-service customer information update process.

Screen proof of address

Proof of address

The address is an important identification attribute to verify the identity of an individual, it is often required to open a bank account or to access a financial service, as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Preventor automates the process to read and verify proof of address from the user's device with a simple user experience. A list of acceptable proof of address documents can be configured in the flexible onboarding flows and KYC templates.

Screen integrated electronic signature


Integrated electronic signature service for face-to-face and remote scenarios. It combines the simplicity of use with the security of cryptography and biometrics.

Our electronic signature is integrated with our flexible workflows to fully automate and digitalize your business process.

Customizable workflows

Customizable workflows

Customizable risk-based workflows in a single AI-platform. Combine multi-factor authentication and verifications with AML and KYC compliance processes.

Preventor AI-decision engine and intelligent restriction module help your institutions to automate your approvals and rejections, reduce manual reviews and filter unwanted bad actors.

Proof of address

The address is an important identification attribute to verify the identity of an individual, its often required to open a bank account, to get a driver license, or to access a government service, is required as part of the know your customer (KYC) process.

The proof of address is a separate document (different from the proof of identity) confirming the current residential address and should be issued in the name of the same person from the proof of identity, also it must be dated within a recent period of time.

Preventor automates the process to read and verify the proof of address document from the user’s device with a simple user experience. A list of acceptable proof of address documents can be configured in the flexible onboarding flows and can be setup for ongoing monitoring in the KYC templates.

Face recognition and Periocular authentication.
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Biometrics facial identification

Preventor compares one-to-many identities with face and eye recognition using a convolutional neural network (CNN), which can prevent identity theft, fraud, and the creation of duplicate profiles in your database.

It works by comparing two templates – one from the probe image and one from the enrollment database to find a potential match., then a match score is generated for each pair of templates, indicating how similar the two images are.; finally, a match threshold compares with the match score to consider similar enough to be a potential match.

Biometrics Facial identification.
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Attack types detected

Victim impersonation

Fraudster attempts to defeat a security mechanism by impersonating a victim with a biometrically matching spoof.

Identity concealment

Fraudster attempts to conceal their identity to avoid detection in biometric searches and eliminate. evidence of their activity.

Attach types detected.
A la carte

Purchase alternatives, with liveness, matching face, video, and voice offered independently.

To truly adopt a zero-trust security approach, the best solution is to integrate biometrics into your access workflows for full confidence in identity verification.

Biometrics a la carte.
Case management

Case management can be time consuming and tedious work. However, Preventor Case Management makes this process much simpler and more efficient.

List case management
Seamless integration

We understand the importance of running a business smoothly. That’s why we’ve become relatively obsessed with perfecting our Preventor Open System Platform.

You can quickly integrate your app using our mobile native SDKs, your browser application with our Web SDK and have the responsive look and feel, as well your backend with our Rest-APIs and webhooks, all of them personalized with your branding and your business workflows.

Seamless integration.

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